Grimm Industries story began with the humble invention of the V8 Coffee Table which was Andrew's ( founder and designer ) way of bringing his passion of V8 Motorsport into the living room. 'Today’s signature Grimm Industries design, the most well known and popular, The Beast Mode V8 Coffee Table is now available to buy online alongside a range of Custom Furnture all made from re-purposed and recycled car parts by Andrew Grima at Grimm Industries.

For lovers of all things Automotive, you can now buy a hand crafted, custom designed peices of Grimm Industries furniture for your home or office. Why not spoil a friend with a Grimm Industries Gift Certificate that will allow them to even co-design with Andrew a peice of Automotive art for themselves or choose from a range of custom made furniture including; TV Units, Office Desks, Lamps, Side Tables, Bar Stools, Key Holders and an ever evolving specialist range.

The phone always rings off the hook when epsiode 4 of Resto my Ride airs and viewers spot our very own Grimm Industries V8 Coffee Table and Tall Twin Cam Lamp in our Resto my Ride office. Now you can browse and shop online for your very own.